Moroccan Business Club in Japan
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The Moroccan Business Club in Japan (MBC-J) is an independent not-for-profit professional association of Moroccan professionals in Japan and Moroccan graduates/students of Japanese universities.

Be the premier independent source of high-value innovative consulting concerning market & industry matters related to Morocco-Japan (Arab World /East Asia).

MBC-J’s Objective
Contribute into the development of Morocco, by leveraging the expertise of MBC-J members, for promoting Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship and fostering community values amongst MBC-J members, as well as empowering economic and cultural ties between Morocco and Japan.

MBC-J’s Values
MBC-J members are self-driven individuals with the passion to make a difference via MBC-J institution. MBC-J highly values integrity, commitment and sense of responsibility, and nurtures a culture of professionalism & excellence.